Ubuntu paper 2


HIV and Sperm, fun or trouble.


Last time, when I was a the hannan clinic the doctor told me that in 3 years time the number of patients with hiv was 3 times as many as when they started.



I am thinking, how do we get HIV? Most of the time, not always, we get infected by sexual intercourse.  Is it the sperm, what is causing the trouble? I am not saying sperm is the course. What I am trying to say is that we do not treat our sperm properly. We are very untidy with our sperm. We let it go and flow. How far is it going inside our body? Sperm is only going inside the womb and that is not very far. It is not going inside the tummy, it is not going inside the water that surrounds the baby, it is not going inside the blood, it is not going inside the brain. Sperm is not going inside the breast milk for the baby. Sperm is only going inside the womb and all of that sperm is lost, unless there is an egg to fertilize. Sperm should be treated carefully. In fact: very carefully. It is an important fluid to handle. It can cause sexual transmitted diseases like HIV.  Sperm can cause a pregnancy, and children are very precious. We only can get a child when we can take care of it in order to prevent poverty and abuse. I think it is very important to treat our sperm carefully. Sperm is both precious and dangerous. Sperm can cause a lot of fun and sperm can cause a lot of trouble.



Grade R, important information


As from 2010, all children who need to go to grade 1, need to have done grade R. That means that all children have to go to grade R from next year in order to get accepted for grade 1. Grade R is expensive for parents, so I went to a primary school and asked how the finances will be organized. The principal does not know yet. I strongly advise you, if you cannot pay for your grade R child, please go and make an affidavit, go to the school and enrol you child.  Do not wait till next year, do it as soon as possible. It is really urgent.  This is very important for your child, it need to go to school. Education is the best thing we can do for a child’s future. Every thing a child learns is an investment in his future, every thing a child does not learn is a burden for the rest of his life.



Workshop for teenagers about substance abuse


Drugs nowadays are easily available to young people, especially teenagers. They are now like the new “Sweets”. You can get drugs anywhere nos.

A topic of drugs was introduced to young girls and boys aged 10 – 13 years of age at the township of Barcelona. A workshop on drugs was conducted by Nkosinathi.

He first asked what came into the minds of the youngsters when they heard the word drugs. Even though they came up with different versions, but all their meaning to drugs was different. They all agreed that drugs messed up minds and affected the thinking of the person. Nkosinathi asked them if they knew anyone who uses drugs, any type of drugs. Most of the guys did. Nkosinathi told them of some few legal drugs like coffee, panado, grandpa and other types of painkillers. He told them that anything that has an effect on the body is a drug. If used in moderation it is a good one, once overdosed it becomes bad and becomes a problem and addictive. With most drugs the teenagers seemed well aware of them and knew that they existed within the community. These kids seemed relieved and informed by the time when the workshop was over. They were excited by the way Nkosinathi conducted the workshop as he did games between the ground discussions. These kids will be drugs free and will try their best to inform their peers about drugs, and that was a promise.



Note from the editor: When I asked after a few days what exactly these children learned at the workshop they told me: if you drink too much, you do not know what you are doing and where you are. Another one told me; daga makes you fat, I do not want to be fat. Again another one said: it affects your immune system and some said; it destroys your brain, so it destroys your future. And a boy said that he did not know that petrol could be used as a drug.



Personal Development


It is important for every young person to understand clearly what they want to achieve in life, and what their life purpose is. People often don’t realise what is the meaning of their live’s, they go around looking for the meaning of their live’s. We ask ourselves all the time, why am I in this world, what am I here for, what am I suppose to do, When you ask yourself these questions, that gives you the purpose in life, these questions wake you up. The kids needs need to ask their parents about life. If we don’t ask ourselves these questions we turn to lose focus. These questions are the key to finding the meaning.




 I know in the previous paper we also wrote about abuse. Now I want to talk about a special kind of abuse, sexual abuse ans/or rape. Sexual abuse means that you touch a person or say sexual things to a person who does not want it. This is not allowed by law. We might not agree with this, we might think it is normal to touch somebody’s bottom, or breast, but if the person does not want this, it is not allowed. That is how our Parliament decided. That is the law. It is the same if you have intercourse with somebody and that person does not want it. That is called rape. You can compare it with visiting someone’s house. You knock and the inhabitants of that house give you permission to come in. If they do not say: come in, you are not allowed to come in and then it is considered house breaking. House breaking is not allowed by the law and generally accepted as a good rule. Going inside somebody‘s house without permission, or going inside somebody’s body without permission, that is both a violent and criminal act.  When you have a girlfriend or a wife, a boyfriend or a husband you still should ask permission to have intercourse with her/him. No body can be forced to have intercourse. It is the same for men and women, boys and girls. That is the law. If you do force somebody to have intercourse with you, it can be reported to the police and they will arrest you. The forced person has all the rights to report the rape; In fact, it is even an obligation to report the rape in order to prevent you from doing it again. This rule about rape is not made by your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, daughter, son or neighbour.  This rule is made by the South-African Parliament and part of our constitution.  You cannot blame anybody for this rule.